Here at Huda Trades, we specialise in helping young people start a fresh journey in order to give them the freedom to become the best person they can in the future. We are the future. We are the new educational platform, it is specifically created to help people learn about the forex industry. 

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced forex trader it doesn't matter, it is built to meet everyone's need. The purpose of Huda Trades is so, people are gaining that extra skill set which allows them to make incomes from their phones. These phones allow us to use them to our advantage. We will help and support each member, and drive them to success. We want to see each and every one of you to be successful traders, to have a bright future ahead of you and be your own boss. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

It is straight forward to access, you can use your phones, tablets and laptops with internet. Every piece of information will be there for each individual so they can easily find the topics. It is written which means it is friendly for our community, access this 24/7 whenever you like because it is now yours. 

A start of something new. Introducing Huda Mentors, an exclusive service which is for everyone and anyone to join. If you are someone who needs that extra help and knowledge for forex trading, we are always here to help. If you are totally new to this and feel as though you want to be mentored instead of purchasing a course, we are professionally trained to mentor you from scratch.

We will be uploading daily analysis to our website, so you are getting the breakdown and analysis of every trade we place and look at. We keep our members in the loop and up-to-date at Huda Mentors. We are designed to meet people's needs and requirements no matter what. Huda Mentors take on 20 new members every month, so get in before the spaces are taken!

Although we have bought a mentoring service, it was only right to introduce something new, that would fit in great with the service. We are now providing you with quality and specific daily and weekly breakdowns, this will show you our ways of getting an idea on what to look for when analysis charts. There are videos that are available for you 24/7, no matter wherever and whenever you need them. 

How is this benefitting you? - The way this is helping our students is because they are using our information from these breakdowns, so they can create opportunities for themselves whilst trading. Learn our ways now, it is suitable for each and every one of you, we value those who have passion and commitment. There is no age requirement, especially when it comes to creating a future for yourself.

Feel free to get in contact with Huda Trades, we are here to help you and fulfil any of your needs


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